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Farmhouse style kitchens

At Unique Home Construction Seattle, we offer farmhouse-style kitchens.

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Beautiful Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Our kitchens are timeless and beautiful. We pay attention to detail and prioritize quality. We have options for kitchen countertops, including granite, quartz, and marble. Our stainless steel appliances are sleek and easy to clean. We specialize in open-concept kitchen designs with large windows and skylights. Natural light is important to us. Our team can assist you with every step of the kitchen remodel process. We can help you choose the perfect farmhouse sink and lighting fixtures. Our farmhouse style kitchens blend classic charm with modern design. We can create a kitchen that reflects your style. If you need inspiration, we have creative and innovative kitchen ideas. We offer a variety of kitchen island designs. Every detail matters to us, even the light switches. Our farmhouse-style kitchens are functional and beautiful.

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Wooden cabinets are a key element in creating the classic farmhouse style that Unique Home Construction offers for kitchen remodels. With their traditional charm and versatility, wooden cabinets are the perfect choice for farmhouse kitchens. Our Seattle Based Cabinet Makers make only the best quality cabinetry with the most durable materials, a perfect fit for your Farmhouse- Style kitchen. In keeping with the style, it's important to choose simple lines without decoration or molding on the cabinets. This ensures a clean and timeless look that is characteristic of farmhouse kitchens. Whether you prefer light or dark wood, wooden cabinets will add warmth and character to your kitchen, making it the perfect space for gathering and creating memories.

Farmhouse Style Tiling

Farmhouse-style kitchens require carefully chosen tiles. Unique Home Construction offers a variety of tiles commonly used in farmhouse-style kitchens. These tiles create an earthy and rustic look, which is characteristic of the farmhouse-style design. Farmhouse-style tiling often includes natural materials like ceramic or porcelain. These tiles bring warmth and a welcoming atmosphere to the kitchen. Consider incorporating these tiles into your kitchen remodel for a cozy and inviting space. Unique Home Construction is here to help you design the farmhouse-style kitchen you've always dreamed of.

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Naturally Light Your Seattle Farmhouse Kitchen

At Unique Home Construction, our farmhouse-style kitchens prioritize natural lighting. We maximize it through windows, skylights, reflective surfaces, and LED bulbs. Natural lighting enhances the overall look and feel of the space, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere for everyday use.

Classic Flooring

We bring the timeless beauty of classic flooring to our farmhouse-style kitchens. Some of the flooring we offer is engineered onto a tongue-and-groove backing, ensuring a seamless installation that will last for years to come. With our classic flooring options, you can create a farmhouse kitchen that is both inviting and timeless.

Hanging Kitchen Storage

Farmhouse-style kitchens require hanging storage options. Unique Home Construction offers various options that blend with the decor. Pot racks are popular for practical storage and rustic charm and also leave more space for some modern appliances. Utensil holders free up drawer space and add a decorative element. Open shelving showcases dishware and accessories while providing storage. Incorporating hanging storage optimizes space and enhances the aesthetic. Unique Home Construction can help create your dream farmhouse kitchen.

Turn Your Kitchen Dreams Into Reality

Unique Home Construction can help you create a farmhouse-style kitchen in Seattle. We focus on both aesthetics and functionality. Our attention to detail ensures your kitchen surpasses your expectations. The layout is important, so we work closely with you to maximize space and efficiency. Lighting is a priority, with natural light and various options for a warm ambiance. Storage is crucial, with solutions like kitchen islands and farmhouse sinks. Our design combines modern and rustic elements for a timeless look. Contact us today to start your Seattle farmhouse kitchen remodel.

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