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Small kitchens

At Unique Home Construction, we specialize in small kitchen remodeling in Seattle.

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We make limited kitchen spaces stylish and functional. Our team maximizes storage and counter space and uses smart design solutions and natural light. We create the perfect layout for your small kitchen, whether it's galley, L-shaped, or U-shaped.  Our designers can maximize natural light and choose a bright color palette.

Space Saving Storage For Small Kitchens

When remodeling a small kitchen, it's important to maximize storage space. At Unique Home Construction, we specialize in creating clever storage solutions that make the kitchen more functional and organized. One idea is to utilize the space above kitchen cabinets for storage. Adding shelves, cabinets or vertical storage spaces can keep countertops clear and clutter-free. Our small kitchen remodeling services in Seattle can transform your kitchen into a functional and organized space. 

Kitchen Flow & Mobility

At Unique Home Construction, we know how important it is to have a functional and visually appealing small kitchen. Our goal is to create a practical space that maximizes efficiency. We use innovative solutions to optimize space, such as mobile surfaces and custom storage options. These additions not only enhance functionality but also add versatility to the design.

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Focus On Color For A Bright Small Kitchen

Color is important when remodeling a small kitchen in Seattle. The right colors can make the space appear larger and more visually appealing. Use a consistent color palette for a cohesive look. Soft, light colors like white and pastels work well in small kitchens. They reflect natural light and give you a bright kitchen. Our expertise in cabinet making and home remodeling can transform your small kitchen into a vibrant and spacious space.

Seattle Small Kitchen With Natural Light

Lighting is important in small kitchen remodel projects. Natural light creates a sense of openness and connects the space to the outdoors. Artificial lighting, like spotlights, under-cabinet lighting, recessed lighting, and accent lighting, eliminates dark corners and adds brightness. Each type of lighting serves a specific purpose and enhances the overall style of the kitchen. Unique Home Construction skillfully integrates these lighting options to create a well-lit and elegant small kitchen in Seattle.

Galley Kitchens

Unique Home Construction is the expert in small kitchen remodels in Seattle. We specialize in transforming galley kitchens to maximize functionality and style. Our team understands the challenges of limited counter space and storage in galley kitchens. We offer creative storage solutions, including custom cabinet doors and extra storage options. We also pay attention to design elements, offering a variety of cabinet options to add personality and style. Choose Unique Home Construction for your galley kitchen remodel in Seattle. Contact us today to get started.

Seattle Specialists in Small Galley Kitchens

A galley kitchen is a narrow kitchen layout with counters on either side of a small aisle. It is popular in narrow spaces where maximizing function and style is important. The counters on each side provide workspace and storage, and the compact layout ensures everything is within reach. Galley kitchens are practical and make cooking and meal preparation easy. The narrow layout promotes a streamlined workflow. Despite their size, galley kitchens can be functional and stylish. Unique Home Construction specializes in remodeling galley kitchens to make them efficient and beautiful. We have the expertise to create a kitchen that suits your needs and maximizes space.

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